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We are specialists in OUT sourcing Online Accounts Writing Services
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We specialize in handling accounting, taxes and financial needs for small businesses so they can focus on what is most important, their business.

Out Source Online Accounting services

We will help write your day-to-day accounts and manage your bookkeeping. We are certified in Tally ERP and Quickbooks.

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Virtual CFO Services

We provide CFO Service on part time basis to small and medium sized Companies.

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Tax Management & Compliances

We will handle your year-end tax preparation and e-filing. We are well versed in the newly introduced GST.

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Internal Auditing & Reporting

We stronly believe in having strong internal audits, to secure your financial future.

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Online Accounts Writing

AccFin is a Online and Outsourcing Accounts Services & Solutions Provider- It writes & maintain accounts of Small, Medium sized companies and Start Up companies and also Cooperative Housing Societies.
(Intially Accfin provided Accounts Writing Services –to only Cooperative Housing Societies). But now Mr R.B.Warang (a Chartered Accountant) has joined AccFin services it is taking care of commercial companies like Small & Medium sized and Startup Companies. AccFin is known to offer the most effective Accounting Solutions and thus by it a Peace of Mind to the entrepreneurs and owners.
For rendering these services AccFin mainly utilizes Quick Books Accounting package, which is a fully Cloud Technology based Online Accounting package. We also utilize Tally ERP9 Accounting Package.. 
Writing and maintaining Books of Accounts has been made Very Simple by Quick Books of accounting package. 

There is no need for the small & medium & start up companies to keep a full time Accountant. We use cost effective technologies that are very popular in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and now come to India. There it is holding 86% of the market share.
We offer training to the entrepreneur or Owner or his staff. Or we can self handle your complete Accounts writing. 
Get your Accounting needs fulfilled for only 50% of the cost of hiring a Full Time Accountant which is the normal cost. It offers the minimal of cost also considering the other advantages it provided like CFO virtual services, Taxation services etc. which will really reduce the cost for the Owners drastically.
Any Full time Accountant if employed may not be capable of handling tha accounts professionally or he may leave your company if he gets another job for higher salary.

In case we handle your complete Accounts then :-

We set it up and assist you every step of the way.

  1. First thing one of your staff may be your office boy has to Securely Scan all your Expenses, Receipts (Income), Banking Transactions & other Documents taking place in your office to our office for proper recording of it.
  2. Then onwards AccFin will take care of your Accounts. Our Accounting Staff will enter / record all of documents into our system & Process the Documents.
  3. Then we will post the documents into the Ledgers and prepare the Trial Balance.
  4. In the mean time we would be preparing the Bank Reconciliation statements.
  5. After our staff will be passing all the closing and adjustment entries whether it is a monthly close, Quarterly close, Half Yearly close or the Annual year end close.
  6. Also basic procedures AccFin’s Staff takes care off are – preparing Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivables management, payroll processing , taxation compliances etc.
  7. And after ward we will prepare the Basic Statements like P & L A/c and BS We Can prepare other Financial related Reports & Analysis like Cash / Bank Flow statements, Budgets, Estimates, Projections, Ratio Analysis etc. instantly.
  8. Simultaneously Execute Cost controls, Revenue controls and Cost reduction procedures immediately.
    1. For Cooperative Housing Societies we print the monthly billing charges for the members and there is no need to manually write these billings and likewise we also print tha receipts for the members, we we do this every month consistently and very instantly and immediately.
    2. Also we do other various kind of Administration jobs loke completing and udating various registers like I & J forms etc. and also professionally writing minutes of various management meetings like various General meetings & management committee meetings.
    3. Income & GSTax Compliances
    4. Statutory Auditing – We get the annual statutory audit done by our approved Panel auditors.
    5. AccFin also handles pending Accounts writing and Auditing of any previous years if any pending of any Housing Society.

In fact your entire services regarding Accounts, Finance management and Taxation are handled by AccFin services at a very low cost for the small & medium & start-up companies – accurately , completely , quickly and conveniently . So the companies can achieve excellence on the whole.The company owners becomes totally worry free in accounts and they have complete peace of mind.


Virtual Partime CFO Service

We provide CFO Service to small and medium sized companies.

The small, medium & start-up companies can avail our CFO support services on a Virtual /Part time basis at a very minimum affordable cost.
Usually the Finance Department of Large Sized companies and Multinational companies is managed by high level – experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO). But the small and medium sized Businesses and Start Up companies cannot afford such high level personnel.
We can provide the same CFO Services to help our client Company to be more Profitable and Successful and assist to take the company’s business to its next level.
We bring expertise and best practices to your business. We help the business owners who are struggling with their company’s growth, so they can build the company of their dreams……one that makes them a lot of profits.

You get all round services related to strategy planning & operations planning, and in all financial matters.
We focus on how to increase your profits through our total back office and Virtual /Part-Time CFO Services in each of your company’s areas and you can learn how we can help you do that!
You can enjoy owning a business! In short, you work ON the business, and we work in the business. You will be concentrating on growing your external business operations; and ACCFIN will be concentrating on your internal overall problems.
If you are having your own Accounts & Finance Department your company will be showing profits in the books but may fail to explain overdraft balances in banks . Also they may not be explain to you the various financial reports generated properly .Also any other important work is not done which is required to be done.

As CFO we can provide the following:

  1. Provide you the right information to help you make the decisions that you might be in your initial period of business you might be scared to take.
  2. Help manage your cash flow to ensure your business has adequate Working capital for growth.
  3. Attend Key/Board meetings with bankers, insurance brokers, and outside investors while remaining objective and independent.
  4. Provide you with budgets, analyses, and forecasts and various Financial Projection developement.
  5. Be your Financial Support to eliminate business challenges.
  6. Help you design, install and manage the policies, procedures, and job descriptions essential for the smooth operation of your Back Office.
  7. Help you to develop your strategic growth plans.
  8. Supervise your own bookkeepers.
  9. Provide total IT and HR solutions.
  10. Inefficiencies that may be costing your company money .We will look for excesses in people or materials or other mis-allocations of resources. We can set up systems to help you measure productivity on an ongoing basis.
  11. Risk and Opportunity Assessment: We will look at your Operation in the Context of your industry and the general business environment. We will use our 30+ year’s experience and business insight to help you identify those risks and opportunities that may affect your company in the near and long term. We can also help you to how can you avoid the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.
  12. Organizational Structure assessment and recommendations: As businesses grow and change, their organizational structure frequently evolves into one that is less than optimum. The present structure is not what one would create if they were starting the business from scratch. The business may have become one that has mis-allocations of resources. It may not function like the well-oiled machine it once was. We can look at your business objectively, help you visualize your optimum structure, and create a plan to implement the changes that you decide you want to make.
  1. Act as an appropriate consultant to the management of your company. Owners of small companies are very familiar with the concept that it is lonely at the top. They frequently don’t have anyone with whom they can discuss strategies and issues. What do you do with that problem customer, supplier, employee, or banker? Which way do you go with that key decision that could determine the future course of your business? We have a wealth of experience and business insight and a company owner can tap into this. CFO support is just a good sounding board.
  2. Drafting Policies and Procedures to your specific companies’ need.
  3. Establishing effective internal accounting controls is critical to ensure that your company’s hard earned profits are appropriately accounted for and that no revenue or cost “Leakage” has occurred due to faulty procedures.
  4. Financial Staff assessment and management: Our clients have one or more people who handle the day to day transactions of the company. We can manage these staff members onsite at a frequency determined by the client’s needs. This allows the business owner to focus on other aspects of the business rather than spending time managing the accounting function. We will identify staff members who are in the wrong job, and we can help find suitable replacements.

Taxation Preparation & Compliances services

We will handle your year end tax preparation and e-filing.

INCOME TAX & GST compliances

Income Tax Compliances

The firm undertakes:-
Preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns with the Tax Authorities. It assists the clients in making correct and timely filing of tax dues such as advance tax, self assessment tax, etc. 
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Compliance Services.
The firm advises the clients on the correct deduction and payment of taxes at source for various transactions and Filing of eTDS Returns of the Clients and Banks. The firm also provides services such as Due Diligence of TDS compliance. 
Tax Consultancy / Planning 
The firm advises the Clients for planning their Income Tax matters. The firm also provides updates on significant and pertinent changes in law. The firm assists the Clients in availing benefits, exemptions, reliefs, rebates and deductions to minimize the incidence of tax.
Electronic filing and Digital Signature 
Filing of Income Tax returns with attaching Digital Signature. The Clients Digital Signature in maintained in a confidential manner. Application of Digital Signature, its use and the renewal of the same is done. 
  Applying and obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN). Rectification of the details of the assessee in case of PAN and TAN is also done.


As India leaps into the future with the implementation of GST, we at AccFin Services are there to assist you as you adjust your businesses and help out with balancing the books and keeping the day to day accounts for your businesses. We understand that hiring staff in-house can be inconvenient. We aim to solve all your accounting worries, so you are fully prepared for when tax submission deadline is near.

  1. Registration
  2. Preparation of challan and Payment of the same
  3. Filing of Returns in GSTR-1, 2, 3, 3B and others
  4. Representation
  5. Advisory Services
  6. GST process streamlining
  7. GST Annual Returns and Reconciliation with the books

As India leaps into the future with the implementation of GST, we at AccFin Services are there to assist you as you adjust your businesses and help out with balancing the books and keeping the day to day accounts for your businesses. We understand that hiring staff in-house can be inconvenient. We aim to solve all your accounting worries, so you are fully prepared for when tax submission deadline is near.

Internal Audit and Reporting

Internal Audits are conducted by companies to mitigate risk and drive an external maker-checker system across the company. This ensures the quality and accuracy of the work conducted by internal teams of companies. Although Internal Audits are not a statutory requirement, they serve as a great way for companies to ensure quality and timeliness of their operations.
Setting up of Internal Audit function 
Undertaking Internal Audit risk assessments
Identifying and monitoring Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Red Flags 
Inventory Verification 
Review of Accounting & Taxation 
Fixed Assets Verification 
Any business that is operating at a scale where there are opportunities for leakage of revenue or mismanagement of accounting practices will benefit from having an active Internal Audit team.


We have helped different types of organizations with their accounting and tax filing.

Aarav Infotech

Accounts Writing

iCan Events


Aaditya Housing Society

Tax Filing


R.B.Warang FCA, MCom LLB -having a extensive experience in various professional accounting & finance management fields. He is also a certified Quick Books Professional consultant for India. He has also got a good experience of Quick Books in the Gulf Market. He has set very high standards for the level of expertise and skills required.
He has got a wide 25+ years of CFO level experience in the local and international markets. He began his career in Mumbai where he has worked for 5 yrs. Then he was selected for the post of Finance Manager in Oman - Muscat. Later on after a period of 2 yrs he was appointed in Dubai in a medium sized Group of companies at its Group Head Office as a Financial Controller. The Group was comprising of 7 companies.
There he got an opportunity to learn about different units of companies in many different industries. Apart from being a Finance person he got experience in commercial field. That experience period comprised of 12 years and helped him to develop an understanding of the factors that helped businesses to succeed.
There after he moved and joined another reputed a bigger private corporate Group in Abu Dhabi where he continued his business experience. There were around 25 companies including manufacturing, industrial processing, consumer products, and consumer services types. He was working in this Group for another 11 years as Group - CFO.
This is typical of the experience and expertise you can expect from us.

Diveshwari R. Warang is a - commerce graduate ( B.Com ) – Microsoft Certified System Engineer ( MCSE ) – Certified Quick Books Professional Consultant( India ). She is handling the Sales & Marketing of the firm.
She has extensive experience in various Accounting Packages. To name some of the reputed ones like - Dac-Easy, Peach Tree, Sage, Great Plains, TallyERP9 and QuickBooks. At present she is a certified Quick Books Professional ( India ). She has expertise in Tally Accounting package ERP9 also.
Vidya V. Desai is the head of Human Resources of Accfin Services. She handles everything from HR Operations to Onboarding of Employees and recruitment.
Aiswarya S. Pillai is the head of Accounts - is responsible for maintaining & Supervising daily accounts of the clients of Accfin Services. She makes sure Employees and Vendors get their payments on time and company operations run smoothly
Prakash Nachite is the Client Servicing Head is in charge of Client Servicing at Accfin Services. He serves as an escalatory point of contact to customers.

Committed and well trained staff motivated to provide quality service to the clientele. In house library of the Firm, well-stocked with latest professional books and CD's for staff reference.
Modern Office having Computerized set up with Printers, LAN, Scanner, etc in MULUND ( EAST )
A wide gamut of services, which can be fine-tuned to the individual business needs of our esteemed clientele.
We have at our disposal the services of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants  and other professionals.

Our Amazing Team

We pride ourselves in having a diverse team that strives to get the job done

Ramniwas Warang


Devi Warang

Director of operation

Vidya Desai


Omprakash Singh

Head of accounts

Prakash Nichite

Client servicing head

We are a group of seasoned accountants and Quickbooks and Tally certified professionals. We're also a mobile team that can work with you on your premises.

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